Pregnancy and maternity photography - aka bump shoots!

I've specialised in being a wedding photographer since 2010, but am also often asked for other types of photography such as family portraits, children's photography and pregnancy and maternity photography. All are completely different to weddings, but I love working with people and capturing images of special moments and points in their lives, so these types of photography are a natural extension to what I do.

Having been pregnant and now a mother, I understand what a magical experience it is, but also how self-concious women can feel as their bodies undergo drastic changes and we venture into the unknown.

So in many ways, it's not the easiest time to gear yourself up for photos. You may not think you look your best - unlike your wedding day - but honestly, you really do. It's just in a very different way! Nothing really could be more beautiful.

Locations for pregnancy shoots

I usually recommend pregnancy and maternity photography in one of two ways - either in the comfort of your own home, or choosing an outdoor location. In your own home, you can be completely relaxed, and we just need good natural light and a few clear spaces. This might be your living room, it might a bedroom or spare room, wherever you feel comfortable. If you prefer outdoors I can receommend options near to you.

Then it's the who. Who do you want in the shoot? Some women like to keep it private and capture images of just them and their bump, others like to have their partner and/or children there too. Of course, you can do both if you wish.


The best time for pregnancy and maternity bump shoots is usually between 28-34 weeks. At this stage, your bump is usually blooming, but you still feel relatively comfortable.

The bump shoot lasts around 1 hour, giving us plenty of time to get good shots without exhausting you.

What to wear

This is really up to you. For outdoor shoots, most women cover up but with something beautiful and fitted to accentuate the bump. However if you're feeling brave and want to go for less, we can work with that!

For indoor home shoots, you can again go for anything from a full outfit, to pared right down, however you feel comfortable. Remember I've been there and have the same equipment, so I hope you'll feel relaxed. And one thing is for sure, we'll keep it classy.

My only real recommendation would be to keep it simple and flattering to your shape to show off that wonderful bump.

Pregnancy and maternity bump shoots start from £150. Just head over to the contact page and send me an email and we'll take it from there.

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