My most Frequently Asked Questions as a Wedding Photographer

How many images will we receive?
The number of images depends on a number of factors including of course the length of photography you book, as well as the size of wedding, number of guests and locations, and time allotted during the day specifically for wedding photographs. My aim as your wedding photographer is to capture as much as possible of your wedding without getting in your face or that of your guests. So except in special circumstances (i.e. you book me just for a ceremony or party), you can expect a minimum of 300 high resolution images.

Some wedding photographers include a number of images within the package price then charge for the rest, do you?
No! You will receive all edited images that meet my high standards, with my aim to give you the full story of your wedding day. I don't keep anything back, and no extra charges. The only thing that will ever be extra is if you opt for a wedding album or prints that are not included within your package - not for the images themselves. Head over to the pricing page to find out more.

Will I (the client) own the copyright of the images?
No, as the wedding photographer I will retain copyright for the images - this is standard across the vast majority of wedding photographers - but I grant you the right to use and print them as you wish for personal use. So that means if you wish to produce your own albums, you can. You can print copies, share with friends and family, etc. You can't however sell the images, but if a supplier or venue want to use the images for promotional purposes they just need my permission - which I'm usually more than happy to give.

On the day, what happens if something goes wrong with your kit?
So far (touches wood) nothing ever has, but of course like any good wedding photographer I have it covered. I service my kit regularly and check and clean everything before every wedding. More importantly though I bring spares of everything - cameras, flashes, batteries, memory cards etc on the day.

Are you insured?
Yes - this is actually pretty important. Any photographer would (or should) have their own kit insured, obviously that's in their own interest. It's also wise for wedding photographers to insure for public liability cover (as I do) to cover any damage caused by the photographer to a venue, third party property or an injury caused directly by negligence on the part of the photographer. Definitely worth checking, especially with new or inexperienced photographers. Check out my tips on choosing a wedding photographer.

Do you also produce wedding albums?
Yes I do - I work with an amazing UK supplier only available to professional wedding photographers who produce high end, fine art wedding albums. They are amazing, but whether you choose to have one is completely up to you. Have a look at the albums page to find out more.

How do we book?
Once you've let me know that you'd like to book me as your wedding photographer I just take a 25% deposit of the overall package price to secure the date. You can pay the rest of the balance however you like as long as payment is made in full 4 weeks before your wedding. Some couples like to pay in instalments which is totally fine. I'll also send you over standard t's & c's to sign, and that's it - the fun begins!

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